lord echo: harmonies

I love an album that feels at home in many different environments... Lord Echo's latest works for me in the sunshine, with a glass of wine in hand late night, or unwinding on the train after work. Dub reggae rhythms, motown horns, and 70s- style flute solos all create a distinctly nostalgic vibe, but somehow it never feels dated. The first release 'Just Do You' features a silky smooth vocal from Mara TK (of Electric Wire Hustle) and a bassline that brings to mind Curtis Mayfield. My favorite track, though,  may be 'Low to the Street', thanks to the island vibe and sunny horns. Something very soothing about the sounds here - a collision of musical souls in a giddy mix of groove and creativity. My favorite line from the official release notes:

"The Lord has returned from the wilderness with a bounty for his followers”

Check it out posthaste!