Make You Wanna Do Right :: Mix

I don't know about you, but I need music right now. Things just went to another level of bizarre in this country and I have to take breaks from figuring out what the heck to do about it.

It all comes back to love, right?

The power of love

Make you do right, love'll make you do wrong

Make you want to dance

Love and happiness

So... let's put on the headphones, dance around the living room and cheer each other up.

xx lp

bring on the night...

A reference to one of my all time favorite Police songs - Bring on the night, I couldn't stand another hour of daylight. 

This mix has my usual disco/funk influences, but also pulls in some of my favorite classics. Good for daytime, too :)

Listen to Bring on the Night

Fouk :: Heavy on the Bacon

Luke Solomon/Jonny Rock :: Groovin to LA

Lil Louis :: Club Lonely

Stee Downes/Lovebirds :: Love's Like Dancing

Fresh and Low :: Love Capsule Deluxe

Mood II Swing :: Do it Your Way

Lovebirds :: Feel the Bern

Mr V :: Riddims

Sandy Turnbull :: Lifted