Beats For Boobs

So proud to join the Beats for Boobs team this year!

I'll be playing the first set from 7-8:30, so come through early for some deep house and funky basslines. Doors open at 7 - see you there!

Art. Fashion. Food. Music. Education.

Come join us to celebrate, honor and remember those impacted by breast cancer.

As the beats drop, together we will rise!

Dazzling DJs on the decks, an inspiring and radiant fashion show, exquisite live performances, brilliant art and delectable culinary delights.

This year, Beats for Boobs takes our inspiration from the moon and the sun as we rise.Together, stronger than before, with the ashes of those we have lost, and the fire of those who are still battling, we will release an unwavering surge of love and support. Beats for Boobs will illuminate the night with energy to invigorate your passion to make a greater positive impact in our community.  Spread your wings and take flight with us as we rise up to show that support surrounds, and love abounds.



edm hurts my feelings

Ugh. EDM. Where did this monster come from? I know I sound like a hater, but it really turns my stomach. I’ve always been protective of “my” music genres, especially as the've been co opted by the mainstream over the last 20 + years. 

I still remember the first time I saw that stupid Mitsubishi commercial - remember the one with the cheesy Dirty Vegas track and the chick in a kangol pseudo popping in the front seat. Noooo! I knew it was over then.

Fast forward to 2015 and now every R&B track and Taylor Swift song smacks of EDM and Steve Aoki has a net worth of $55m.

OK, it is what it is. There are still plenty of music lovers out there that like creativity and originality. I know this makes me sound a little cranky, but I don’t care. Tell those kids to turn that crap down! :D 

Well, lots of other crusty old DJs feel the same way, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite quotes of theirs. 


"When it comes to most of the EDM DJs out there I don't have any respect or interest in what they're doing. They look like phonies to me. It's been hard to watch something so special to me be diluted and heisted and turned into this kind of shameless, cheap, fake carnival. To that degree I hate EDM. I worry it's depleting the authenticity of DJ culture... but you can't really hate on 30,000 people having the time of their lives." [THUMP, 2014]

Fatboy Slim

"It's fine as entry level stuff, but make no mistake: EDM will crash and burn. It's based on a pyramid scheme of making money and as soon it stops making money the whole house of cards will fall down. We want there to be something left when this bubble bursts." [THUMP, 2015]

And my favorite….

Dj Harvey

"You get the so-called 'erectile deficiency music scene'—people arriving in spaceships or with fireworks to try and enhance the visual aspect of the whole thing. I can't understand how you can play a record and backflip into the crowd." [THUMP, 2014]