Mood :: Chill

When I've got downtime in the backyard, or out for a walk, my music choice tends to go one of 3 ways... Dub Reggae, Downtempo, or Classic Hip Hop. Obviously, some deep connections between those genres. 

Just in time for your Sunday BBQ or picnic in the park - sharing a mix of instrumentals and rhymes that put a smile on my face every time. It's a mix of old and new, but lots of classic and old school gems (guess I'm just old school).

Listen here on Spotify:

beats and rhymes

A few faves and why I love them...

Blackalicious :: Make You Feel That Way <positivity dialed up to 11>

Erykah Badu :: Tyrone <you better call Tyrone, but you can't use my phone>

Black Star :: Respiration <the new moon rode high in the crown of the metropolis>

Q Tip, Norah Jones :: Life is Better <for the romantic in you - just such a sweet sentiment>

Nightmares on Wax :: Nights Introlude <i'm guessing i'm not the only one with many hazy, fond college memories with this song as a backdrop>

Pete Rock :: On & On <simple, effective, funky, soulful. all the things you love pete rock for>