Top 3 House Music Podcasts

Podcasts have exploded in the last year (thanks Serial!). The estimate for number of listeners in 2016 is up to 57 million per month, or about 21% of all people in the US over 12. But, if you look at the top podcasts, they are all audio interviews and storytelling. This American Life, Tim Ferris, Planet Money, etc.  While I listen to plenty of those myself, this post is all about the DJs and Labels that are out there sharing quality house music consistently. With so many releases being pumped out across the digital music shops, it’s amazing to have these guys (and, yes, they are all men) wade through the ocean of music and share the best. The only frustrating thing is that they get access a few months before the rest of us, so be prepared to wait for the general release (unless you have the hookups - in that case, let’s talk).

Deeper Shades of House

Lars Behrenroth is on episode #533 and year 14 of this long running podcast. I’ll be honest, sometimes Lars talks too much, but in terms of consistently playing jams week after week, he has to be at the top of any deep house lover’s list. He typically spans a broad mix of sub genres and includes a guest mix for premium listeners. 


Freerange Records

So much great music from these guys over the years. Freerange label heads Matt Masters and Jimpster rotate every two weeks to mix it up. They both play a lot “Freerange Family” music including releases on their own label, Norm de PLume’s Delusions of Grandeur, and Something Different Records. These guys veer more toward the deep/tech/minimal end than my other two faves - but that’s a good thing. 


Fish Go Deep Radio Show

Broadcasting live from Cork, Ireland every Saturday, Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson have been putting out music under the Fish Go Deep moniker for almost 20 years. These guys love the classics or “Golden Oldies” and you’ll hear some soulful 90’s house gems alongside brand new releases and limited promos. Always a great variety and their love for house music comes through with every broadcast


Whether you’ve got a daily commute or just need something new to run to, hopefully you’ll find some inspiration from these guys. And many thanks to each of these shows for getting the music out there month in and month out!