4 ingredients to deliciousness- adult lemonade

Some days just don't work out how you plan them. I got up early this lovely Sunday to get some work done. Sunday mornings are usually very productive for me, plus that means I can enjoy the afternoon and not worry about the coming week's deliverables. So there I am, working away with my Peet's coffee next to me. I reach for my phone an spill the coffee ALL OVER the work laptop. Scheiße. Poor CPU is still drying out. Fingers crossed. 

Next up - cruise into the city for a mini urban hike and some drinks and food at Off the Grid. Well... the Bay Bridge on a Sunday is pretty much off limits if you don't try it before 9 am these days. I should have known. It was so bad I had to abort the mission and get off at West Grand and turn around. BOO. 

So, first world problems, right? As my co-founder reminded me today - Shitake Happens.

And now, to the point of this post :) It's hot and steamy out there today - 92 in Oakland! I've also got a tree full of ripe lemons, so how about a delicious adult beverage? All you need are these 4 ingredients: Vodka, Lemons, Mint, Simple Syrup.


Check out the recipe below for Vodka Mint Lemonade:


- 4 lemons, quartered and seeds removed

- Leaves from 1 medium sized bunch of mint

- 1/2 cup of simple syrup

- 8 cups of cold water

- 2 cups of vodka

- Lemon slices and ice

How to:

- Place the quartered lemons in a blender with 2 cups of water, simple syrup, some ice and half the mint leaves

- Blend until the lemons are crushed and the mix is slightly foamy

- Strain the lemonade and add the rest of the water

- Add vodka

- Serve over ice with lemon and mint garnish

So there you have it... a cold cocktail, a zero gravity recliner , a good book... and all is right in the world. Happy Sunday, ya'll.