campari spritz - sunshine in a glass

We've been having some gorgeous weather this month and I am feeling the summertime love!
Nothing quenches the thirst better on a hot sunny day than an Aperol Spritz. Well...maybe water, but it’s definitely a close race :)

I found myself craving one today and went down to Piedmont Grocery to get the fixins. But  <gasp!> no Aperol to be found. Campari is generally next to Aperol on the booze shelf, so it should be a good substitute, right??? While Campari has a much more bitter flavor profile, it worked gorgeously with a little prosecco, club soda and fresh squeezed orange. I think this might actually be my new favorite summer day drink. It couldn’t be easier to make, and it goes down quite easily as well. 

- Campari
- Prosecco
- Club Soda
- Fresh Orange
- Fill a large wine glass halfway with crushed ice
- Add 2 parts prosecco
- Add 1 part campari
- Fill to the rim with club soda
- Squeeze in some fresh orange juice and garnish with an orange wedge


Voila! Summer in a glass, baby.