first time brisket

At last!  Brisket, the penultimate in BBQ.  I’ve been working up to this for a while. After a sh*t ton of research (thanks eggheadforum!) I wanted to start small with a flat.  Before you purists start yapping, keep in mind that it’s just me and the wifey.  Who isn’t a huge beef fan.  Oh, and choice brisket is running $10/lb at the local butcher. A 10+lb packer could be an expensive first date with the most difficult of smoking meats.

I went with a modified Travis method, subbing in for stuff I had or could get.  That Allegro looks pretty legit, but unable to find it the Stubb’s Beef Marinade/TJ’s cayenne combo stepped up to the plate. Following Travis’s method the onion chunks went into the pan with the beer and Stubb’s.  Add cayenne.  Hey, why not?  After rubbing the brisket with yellow mustard and then Dizzy’s it sat in the frig for about an hour while I got the Egg rolling. 


My eggheadforum travels have taught me that smoke is absorbed better by cold meat, and I’ve pretty much adopted that approach with all cooks.


12 oz TJ’s india pale ale

TJ’s Yellow Mustard

Stubbs Beef Marinade

Dizzy Pig Raising the Steaks Rub

3 lbs Choice flat brisket

Cayenne Pepper

Pit grid temp locked in at 275 thanks to my handy DigiIQ, love this thing. Used in tandem with my Ivation remote unit provides ultimate flexibility in cook monitoring.


It stalled out at 195 after 4 ½ hours at 275.  Fork test and not quite buttah enough.  Ramped the pit temp up to 320 for 45 min and pulled at 205

I consider this cook a success.  If I’d have more time I would’ve let it ride longer, but the moist/flavor combo more than made up for a little toughness.  Lauren went back for seconds, claiming it was a first.  She’s not a beef fan.  Must’ve done something right ;) Thanks Travis!