pulled pork tacos - turbo method on the big green egg

Sometimes you just  want juicy pulled pork without the 18 hour cook time!

We had a chill Saturday ahead of us and decided to give te 4 hour turbo method a try.
The meat turned out perfectly, the sun was shining and the Gallegos dropped by with 6 week old August to keep up company. 
Mix in a growler of the Temescal from Urban Legend Winery and you’ve got a lovely afternoon!

So, what exactly does Turbo mean? Higher heat and “shorter” cook times. I mean, we’re still talking 4 hours here, so it's not exactly a weeknight meal. We are still working our way up to the 18 hour cooks, which are recommended for pulled pork. In the meantime, we really enjoyed the results from this recipe.

- 3 lb Niman Ranch pork shoulder
- Yellow mustard
- Andy’s rub
- Apple wood chunks and Lazzari lump charcoal
- Small bottle of Coke
- Marinelli’s apple juice

- Layer a thin coating of mustard over the shoulder. Apply rub liberally to all sides and let it sit at least an hour before cooking.
- Using the Grill Beast injector , add 2 ounces of Coke. The acidity helps break down the connective tissue, but it will not add much flavor to the meat.
- Get the egg up to 375 degrees
- Place a drip pan full of water on top of the place setter
- Put the shoulder fat side down on the

- Spray the shoulder with a 50/50 mix of apple juice and apple cider vinegar every hour
- Cook until the internal temp reached 195
- Remove and place the shoulder in a cooler wrapped in towels for at least an hour to let the juices settle
- We use the Bear Paws to shred, but you can use forks or your hands 
While all this was happening out back, I made some fresh pinto beans, heated corn tortillas, grated cabbage and cheddar cheese and whipped up some guac. 
Since we went Mexican style on the presentation, no sauce was added to the final pulled pork. It certainly did not need it, as it was extra juicy and delicious!