ribs n rubs - racks on the BGE

I’ve been honing my BGE skills for 6 months, working up towards the ultimate challenge – brisket.  The biggest challenge now isn’t confidence, it’s the cook time… even the turbo methods I’ve been reading about can take 6 hours.  With our friends coming over later that afternoon, I needed a quicker alternative.  Ribs!

Off to see our friendly neighborhood butcher, Phil who hand-picked 3 meaty racks of baby back ribs from the back room.  I had him remove the membrane.  Saves time and hassle, although be sure to double-check as he left some on one of the racks (lazy Phil!).

Patted down and coated each rack with yellow mustard.  The vinegar in the mustard helps break down and tenderize the meat while cooking.  It’s also helpful for keeping the dry rub on the ribs.

Each rack had a different rub – Andy’s Rub (http://andysrub.com/), Oakland Dust Pork Rub (http://www.oaklanddust.com/) and Trader Joe’s Coffee & Garlic rub (http://www.amazon.com/Trader-Joes-Seasoning-Coffee-Garlic/dp/B00L4MU288). 




For cooking, I followed a modified Car Wash Mike’s protocol (http://eggheadforum.com/discussion/1133699/car-wash-mikes-baby-back-rib-class), indirect cook at 275 with the ribs in a v-rack.  Low and slow is great but I was short on time and have had good results with my prior Turbo cooks.

It was definitely a tight fit on the large BGE.  My v-rack is the small BGE branded version (http://www.biggreenegg.com/eggcessories/cooking-grids-racks-extenders-pans/v-racks/), and works great with smaller racks, pork shoulders or chickens.  Time to get a large one!  Mmmmm… BGE gear...

Spritzed every hour with a combo of apple juice and apple cider vinegar.  Apple chunks for some added smokey goodness.

Total cook time was 4½ hours with a 30 min rest, and they were dee-licious.  I was a Pit-Hero!  My wife set a new PR for # of ribs eaten (5), I got props from my boys Mike and Ryan and their 2 year old daughters went to town.  Andy’s Rub was the hands down favorite, and I gotta say it’s a great all around rub that works really well on chicken, pork, and beef.