4 things I learned from raving in the early 90s

I came across some (embarrassing) old pictures recently and it had me reminiscing about going to underground parties back in the day. We would never say “rave” as, even in the early 90s, that sounded too cheesy and cliche. We just went to parties.

For me, it started in Germany in 1993. I went to a party and danced my face off - no drugs, no drinking, just pure musical bliss for 4 hours. I was a wee lassie at that time and could barely take it all in. While in Europe I picked up a ton of tapes and CDs… David Morales, Masters at Work, Future Sound of London, Orbital and loads more. But then I got back to New Mexico and had to really hunt the music and the parties down. They were there, you just had to look… and I was prepared to look. The whole Wicked crew came out frequently, Mark Farina, Doc Martin - they all used to throw down in the desert with us. We'd drive as far as Denver or Phoenix just to hear some good music, and made it out to SF whenever we could.

By the time I moved to the Bay Area in 2000, I was already too old to go to the warehouse raves and the music I liked had moved into the clubs and into more intimate underground parties. But I had a good run!

Here are a few choice nuggets that come to mind for all the youngins going to parties these days. I guess they call them EDM festivals now ¯\(°_o)/¯

1) There will always be people who don’t know their limits
Make sure you’re not one of them and be responsible for your actions!

2) Music brings people together
I like to think it was more than the drugs. There is legitimate unity in a room all pulsing to the same beat.

3) Dancing will soothe your soul
Bad day? Go put on a great record and dance around your room. 
If it doesn’t help, you might be a robot.

4) Huge pants are actually not that comfortable (or cute) if you’re a 5’5’’ girl swimming in denim
Many of my fashion choices were highly suspect - but none more so than the 45 inch waist JNCOs.  

Got some raver memories to share? Bring em on!